With the premiere of a new season of Glee less than three weeks away, the promos are offering more and more to get Gleeks geared up. In a new thirty-second video that hit the web late last week, there are glimpses of a glitter-bombed Sue Sylvester, a Will-and-Emma smoochfest, and a punked-out Quinn (Diana Agron) rocking pink locks.

The surprise about Agron's cotton candy hairdo was ruined earlier this summer when paparazzi photos revealed the young actress's wild tresses. While it's still a mystery how Quinn's look plays into the story line (not to mention the song list) for that week's episode, Agron offered a bit of an explanation on Twitter. "Hey all! The pink is for work," she tweeted. "Tried to keep it a surprise…so, that is all I will say! Thanks for all the nice comments on it! #barbiepink."

Season 3, which premieres September 20 on Fox, follows a busy summer for the Glee kids, including a concert tour and a 3D movie. In addition to Jane Lynch's hosting of the Emmy Awards two days beforehand on September 18, Glee news this summer has presented the rise of Darren Criss to regular cast status, the projected ouster of Chord Overstreet and the back-and-forth about whether or not Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith will be back for a fourth season after their characters graduate McKinley High.

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