Legendary rocker Gene Simmons, 61, and former Playboy model Shannon Tweed, 54, have enjoyed a fun-filled, albeit unconventional, relationship for 28 years, but now there appears to be trouble in paradise. As they gear up for the sixth season of Family Jewels, the reality show on which they star with their two kids, Nick, 22, and Sophie, 20, the couple is revealing that their union may be on the rocks.

Simmons and Tweed appeared on Monday's Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotbe to talk about the "unraveling" relationship. One pivotal point of contention concerns an incident on the show in which Tweed sees an internet photo of Simmons leaving a restaurant with two young girls he claimed not to know. "What he means is he didn't know their names," Tweed said on Today.

"Did you have a fling with those girls or was it just a picture?" Kotbe asked, to which Tweed interjected, "He's had a fling with many girls." Simmons maintained his innocence and that he can't help who he's being photographed with. "Look," he said, pointing around him. "They're taking our photo right now."

The timing of the sudden discord has many wondering if this could be a publicity stunt, since the Season 6 Family Jewels premiere airs tonight on A&E. When Kotbe asked, "What's the status right now of you guys," Tweed responded, "Well you'll have to see. I don't want to give away everything, but it's not looking great."

Watch the interview on Today here:

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