The Saturday Night Live actors who have impersonated every American President since Gerald Ford – sans Ronald Reagan – collaborated on a Funny or Die video to endorse the creation of an independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

In the video, President Barack Obama (Fred Armisen) is visited by presidents Gerald Ford (Chevy Chase), Jimmy Carter (Dan Aykroyd), George H.W. Bush (Dana Carvey), Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond) and George W. Bush (Will Ferrell), who push the current POTUS to ‘take on the banks’ and clean up the mess they made.

Reagan was not entirely left behind, however. Jim Carrey was enlisted to play the ghost of The Great Communicator, who assures the current president that financial regulation “is a bitch.”

Following their Dickens-like exit, Obama skips out on canoodling with First Lady Michelle Obama (portrayed by SNL alum Maya Rudolph), opting instead for a pot of coffee and Nicorette gum to fuel a long night’s worth of financial regulation work. –AMHED MORI


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