Charlotte Hope and Ruairi O’Connor sat down for a uInterview to reveal details about Season 2 of The Spanish Princess.

The Starz series follows Princess Catherine of Spain (Hope), who has been promised to marry Prince Arthur, but when he dies unexpectedly she begins a romance with his brother, Prince Harry (O’Connor).

“You got two people, finally got everything they’ve ever wanted. Catherine has always wanted to be queen, she’s finally queen. She’s married to her incredibly handsome very buff husband, they have a son, Henry IX, everything they’ve ever wanted,” Hope explained to uInterview’s Erik Meers. “But also we kind of know this story before we know how it’s gonna end, and we know that there is no Henry IX, and we know that these two get divorced, so there’s also a kind of an unnerving quality about it because you know how it’s going to end.”

“You think I’m buff?” interjected O’Connor, putting the spotlight on the actors’ incredible timing and chemistry.

“I did a chemistry test when I got cast with three Henrys, and the other two were amazing,” started Hope.

“Were they buff?” O’Connor asked jokingly.

“Not as Buff as Ruairi, which is what it came down to,” Hope responded. “No it’s not, I remember when we came into the audition and I was just like a mess. I remember even there was this bit where like we kissed at the end of the scene … and I was like ‘Ah s–t.'”

“You kissed me and I was like overwhelmed,” Hope told her costar while fanning herself. She went on to say that to build on the pair’s natural chemistry, they would also work hard together to study scenes and rehearse.

“We both have like a very intensive kind of prep process, so like especially in this season we really did a lot of work outside the shoot to kind of break down scenes and try different things out,” said Hope. O’Connor said his prep process helped him overcome some of the biggest challenges of playing Henry XIII.

“I found sometimes when Henry gets very angry he’s quite outward in his anger, and I, personally, am more ‘woe is me’ and sorry for myself, and I found it hard to become really angry, which sounds really basic, but I’d really have to kind of lean into metal music and maybe punching a wall for a while just to try to get into a headspace of ‘screw the world, it’s not my fault it’s the world’s fault.,'” explained O’Connor.

“Normally I feel like everything’s my fault and I’m very sorry, like right now this answer I feel like it isn’t a very good one,” he joked. “I’m very sorry, but I should be like ‘Screw you for asking that question,’ that’s what Henry XIII would say.”

Season 2 of The Spanish Princess premieres on Sunday October 11 at 8 p.m. EST. Check out the trailer below:

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