The stars of the hit Apple TV+ show Ghostwriter sat down with uInterview to talk about their experience working together on the award-winning children’s mystery series.

“The main thing that I really enjoy about this show itself is being able to have kids watch,” actor Justin Sanchez. “They’re with us solving the mysteries and also learning while they’re on the journey with us, being able to learn new literature experience new genres of reading – I find that the best thing about this whole show.”

The show, a modern adaptation of the 1992 television program by the same name, centers around four young characters who solve mysteries as a ghost haunting their neighborhood bookstore releases fictional characters into the real world. The show is designed to entertain the family while also encouraging children to read through characters that resonate with them.

Executive producer Luke Matheny mentioned the importance of diversity in the creation of the main quartet. “It was very important for us to have a well-balanced team where anyone watching could relate strongly to one, but kind of all of them at the same time,” he said.

Sanchez, who plays Curtis Palmer-Moreno on the show, described his character’s development: Curtis starts off reluctant to participate in the story at first, but he slowly starts to get more interested in the central mystery as the show progresses. In contrast, his Curtis’ younger sister Donna, who is played by Hannah Levinson, is outgoing and creative. “A good word to describe her with is ‘determined’ – if she sets her mind to a task, she’s going to complete it and there’s nothing that can stop her,” the actress said. “There’s a really interesting dynamic between Curtis and Donna because not only are they brother and sister who fight and argue, but they also become really great friends in a way because they’re working so closely with the ghost.”

The executive producer spoke about his experience working with younger actors, as opposed to adults. “While challenging, it has big rewards sometimes,” he said. “You really can watch the performer grow in front of your eyes.” With the show now on its second season, Matheny has likely seen that kind of growth in Sanchez, Levinson, and the rest of the cast.

New episodes of Ghostwriter premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, Oct. 9.

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