Jason Reitman‘s The Front Runner, which was released last November, tells the true story of Senator Gary Hart‘s fall from grace following a scandal during his 1988 presidential campaign. The Senator (played by Hugh Jackman) was forced to draw out of the race following a tabloid story that reported an extramarital affair he had with journalist Donna Rice, who is portrayed in the film by actress Sarah Paxton.

In this exclusive video for uInterview, the film’s stars and director discuss what led them to sympathize with Rice’s character. “I think Donna Rice is perhaps the most misunderstood character in this story,” Reitman says of his inspiration behind the film, which he co-wrote with Matt Bai and Jay Carson. “She is someone who was mis-portrayed immediately and is someone who’s life was thrown off course more than anyone in this story.”

Jackman likewise expresses sympathy for the character who ruined Hart’s campaign, noting that “her life has been ostensibly stolen from her.” As for what attracted her to the role, Paxton says she felt drawn to all of the women in this film who are “carrying a burden from this event.”

The Front Runner will be released on Blu-Ray and digital on Tuesday. The film, which garnered generally favorable reviews, also stars Vera Farmiga, J.K. Simmons and Alfred Molina.

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