Self Reliance follows the story of Tommy (played by writer and director Jake Johnson) who enters a contest to win a million dollars if he can evade bounty hunters. He learns a loophole where the hunters can only kill him if he is alone so he tries to get his friends and family to never leave his side. Anna Kendrick also stars in the movie as Maddy.


In an exclusive interview with uInterview at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, Johnson revealed his most memorable moment from shooting the movie.

“You know, I honestly think the most difficult thing to shoot might have been the chase sequences, just to make sure like we had a few stunts,” he said. “There’s a couple of fight scenes in there so those were pretty tricky to do, to be in them. I get in a fight with the basketball player Boban [Marjanovic], who’s great, but he’s, you know, 7’5” and really strong and he was throwing me against the wall.”

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