Country singer Drew Jacobs recently premiered the music video for his new single “If She Ain’t Country.” The new single is a summer anthem that combines traditional country with modern hip-hop. 

Last year, Jacobs’ debut album Got Me Like Whoa debuted No.1 on the iTunes country chart. The album reached a total of 90 million video views across all channels. Since then, the up-and-coming country artist has continued to focus on music, with his most recent song being “If She Ain’t Country.”

During an interview with uInterview, Jacobs talked about the process of creating the lyrics for “If She Ain’t Country.”

“We got to the studio and my producer brought this chorus and it was the chorus of ‘If She Ain’t Country,’ and we didn’t have any verses or anything put together yet, but my producer said I think I’ve got something here,” Jacobs told uInterview. “Our goal when writing the song was to just have fun with it.”

Jacob turned the music video shoot into a regular party. “We got this amazing barn and there were just tons of dancers and we were all on the loft of this barn. It was well over a 100 degrees in that barn, everybody was sweating like crazy and we had to go take after take, it was such a fun experience though,” he said.

Jacobs believes that releasing singles rather than EPs is better for him right now because it allows him to get the songs out quicker. “It’s such a fast-paced era were in right now, everybody just wants things like that so we’re going to start giving it to them as soon as possible,” Jacob said.  

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