Look no further for the soundtrack to your summer.

Camilo Séptimo, one of the most influential bands in Mexico and Latin America, is touring America for the summer with new music.

Guitarist Luigi Jimenez took some time to sit down with Erik Meers for a new uInterview to discuss what fans can expect from the band’s upcoming album.


“Our songs always talk about the situations of relations, some kind of romantic, spiritual thing,” Jimenez said. “On this album, we came down to earth a little bit to more terminal situations. The last album was space-oriented, the same romantic things but outside this world. This album will be more terrain. People like the romantic element because it’s something that is easy to identify with. When they’re in situations, and we can see that in the comments that people write about our music and they really identify with what we’re talking about. I think that’s part of the connection we have been working in our music.”

Camilo Séptimo is embarking on a 12-date tour in July and August. Jimenez gave some insight to why he thinks an American audience will enjoy the band’s music.

“I have a lot of friends from the U.S. that speak Spanish and they really like it. I think it’s because it’s kind of catchy and kind of exotic for them to listen to some rock, pop-rock in Spanish. I assume that it really has to be an exotic thing,” he said.

Listen to Camilo Séptimo’s latest single “Inevitable” on streaming platforms everywhere.


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