The Prime Video series Carnival Row follows the stories of mythological refugee beings as they deal with oppression and discrimination from humans. One human man, played by Orlando Bloom, takes on the unsolved murder cases of these beings with the help of his lover fae, played by Cara Delevinge.

Andrew Gower plays the human Ezra Spurnrose and Tamzin Merchant plays his sister Imogen Spurnrose and David Gyasi plays the wealthy faun Agreus Astrayon.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview founder Erik Meers, Gower, Merchant and Gyasi revealed the case of the vanishing Bounty Bar on set.

“Well, my favorite behind-the-scenes moment was on a night shoot when we were filming a large sequence with like lots of pyrotechnics and a lot of stuff happening and I had eaten half a Bounty bar and saved it,” Merchant began the story. “David was in the middle of a very strenuous fight scene that he did like an absolute legend and I saved the other half knowing how he likes Bounty Bars. I saved it on a seat and really happily told him that I got him half of this Bounty Bar for when he finished this epic stunt that he was doing and then he returned to the seat and there was no Bounty Bar and guess who gets the blame?”

“David deserved a Bounty after doing stunts all night,” Gower continued. “Tamzin had her feet up, eating a Bounty, says it and it’s nowhere to be seen.”

Merchant chimed in, “Half, I ate half and they saved the other half, nobody knows where it’s gone.”

Speaking up, Gyasi said, “So I do the fight scene at 1:00 a.m. in the morning and then come back to this joy and debacle of the missing Bounty, it took us through the rest of the night shoot. I must say when I came in and I was saying, ‘oh you seen the Bounty?’ Gower was a bit like that ‘hmm?’ and wiped his face.”

The second and final season of Carnival Row will be available for streaming on Prime Video on February 17.

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