Great news for fans marking down the days until Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part One hits theaters: there are not just one, but two new trailers out that reveal even more about the highly anticipated film.

The first, a new promo spot for television, features Daniel Radcliffe clad in a lacy bra shortly after several members of the Order of the Phoenix have downed some Polyjuice potion and consequently become Harry Potters. "Don't look at me, I'm hideous," one of the fake Potters moans. The brief but epic video also shows Harry, Ron and Hermione racing through the streets of London, as well as the much-beloved house elf, Dobby.

The second trailer, shown exclusively at the Scream Awards, is totally appropriate for the horror-loving audience that got the first glimpse of the premiere. The minute-long trailer is dark, dramatic and gloomy, with plenty of Voldemort, agonized faces, and high-power explosions. "I have seen your heart," whispers the Dark Lord. "And it is mine." Hopefully this long preview will help satiate the ravenous appetite of Potter fans. –AMY LEE

Watch the new television promo trailer below:

Watch the Scream Awards trailer below:

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