Don't call Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, 37, full-figured — at least, not anymore. It seems that Hendricks, who is known for showing off her body with pride at various red carpet events, and has never previously seemed to take issue with being a role model for curvier women in Hollywood, has trouble with the term.

When asked to relay an incident in which she might have "inspired" someone "as a full-figured woman," in an interview with Sydney's Sun-Herald fashion reporter Kate Waterhouse, Hendricks appeared momentarily taken aback before answering, "Um, I don't know … I'm sorry," looking off camera as if to see what she should do, as E! Online reports.

When Waterhouse was asked to rephrase the question, she made the mistake of failing to toss out that "full-figured" term. "I mean, you just said it again," she pointed out, before the interviewer realized that she was supposed to skip the question altogether.

Later it was reported that Hendricks said, "I think calling me full-figured is just rude."

In the past, Hendricks has seemed to have less of a problem with the issue. asked her about being a role model for women who are larger than size zero, and she said, "It's such a compliment, because of all those times I had agents who were, like, 'You have to lose some weight,' and all of a sudden, people are celebrating it. It's like: 'Oh, thank you! Thank you for letting me be me.'"

Hendricks returns to shoot scenes for the upcoming season of Mad Men, also starring Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, January Jones, John Slattery, Robert Morse and Alison Brie, in three weeks.

Watch the interview epic fail here:

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