Ever since it was announced that Chris Evans would be tackling the role of Captain America in Joe Johnston’s upcoming big screen adaptation, comic book fans have anxiously waiting to see how he compares to the classic 1940’s superhero. With the release of the first official trailer, we see Evans transform from puny Steve Rogers, U.S. Army reject, into the titular superhero whose bulging biceps help lead the red, white and blue against the deplorable Nazis. Thanks to the help of Stanley Tucci's Abraham Erskine, and, well, science, Rogers becomes an unstoppable force, strong enough to save the United States from the evils of Hitler and beyond. Rounding out the all-star cast are Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaver, Dominic Cooper, Sebastian Stan and Hayley Atwell.

Just a brief synopsis, the trailer doesn't give too much of the film away, and comic book purists may debate over how true to the original story Johnston's film is. Regardless, Captain America, which hits theaters on July 22, has enough action and starpower to become one of this year's biggest summer blockbusters. —EMILY EXTON

Check out the Captain America trailer below:

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