Depite Saturday Night Live's lengthy history of poking fun of Chris Christie — especially when it comes to his weight — the New Jersey Governor stopped by Seth Meyers' Weekend Update desk on SNL on Saturday night to say a few words about Hurricane Sandy cleanup and add some levity to the situation.

"Fortunately, New Jerseyans are known for their patience," he told Meyers about the potentially lengthy cleanup effort, to which Meyers incredulously asked, "They are?"

"Yes, they are!" Christie snapped. "How many times do I have to say it to you? Once should be enough, get the wax out of your ears!"

Christie also addressed the issue of the "governor" fleece Christie was wearing during his television press appearances during the hurricane. "I'd like to thank the Red Cross and first responders. I'd also like to give a special thanks to my lovely wife, Mary Pat, who's here tonight, who put up with a husband who has smelled like a wet fleece for three weeks."

About the fleece itself, which reads, "Chris Christie, Governor" in the chest, Christie said, "It's basically fused to my skin at this point …. I'm gonna die in this fleece."

Watch the video of Christie on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update with Seth Meyers here:

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