Everyone is wondering which will prevail on Tuesday's results show for Dancing With The Stars: talent or popularity?

Bristol Palin's astonishing ability to hold onto her place on the reality dancing show will be challenged by Jennifer Grey's season-long dominance, a standoff reinforced by Monday's performances. Despite death threats and mysterious letters containing white powder directed towards Palin, the daughter of former governor Sarah Palin seemed unfazed.

"It sucks that people still think I don't deserve to be here," she said, before jumping into her jive for the night. Despite scoring her highest scores of the season, Palin still came in last, after Grey and Disney star Kyle Massey. Though news outlets have spoken disapprovingly about Tea Party supporters' inflation of Palin's results, Palin seems to shrug off her naysayers. Grey received perfect scores on both of her dances for the second week running, but it's anyone's guess how it will turn out. –AMY LEE

Watch Bristol Palin's cage dance below:

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