Andy Cohen of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live! is the latest star to be skewered on Saturday Night Live, as cast member Taran Killam impersonated Cohen on Saturday's episode, hosted by Sofia Vergara.

"I'm Andy Cohen, and I gave myself this show," said Killam-as-Cohen on the SNL spoof. The rest of the sketch portrayed Cohen as camera-hungry and a narcissist. The skit also made fun of Cohen's talk show, Watch What Happens Live! "As a reminder, the show is live, so anything can happen — but don't worry, nothing will," said Killam.

Cohen is taking the joke in stride. "OMG the one night I go to bed early I'm lampooned on SNL?! Great job I am flattered! #ImLikeAShark #Very Cute," Cohen tweeted.

Radio personality Ben Harvey tweeted to Cohen, "You are much more butch than they portrayed you last night, fyi."

Watch the video here:

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