Fashion blogger Lauren Scruggs, 25, suffered severe injuries when she walked into a spinning airplane propeller in December 2011. Now recovering after receiving a prosthetic eye and hand, she is sharing her story with millions in a video. Scruggs discusses how her faith kept her strong through those difficult days. "It's just amazing to watch how the Lord has restored me and healed my body in such a short amount of time and has done miraculous things," she said.

Scruggs also shares a message to young women who obsess over their appearance. “I'm seeing that this life is way bigger than me, and I think a lot of things that I held important earlier—even in my career—were quite shallow. I just want to use what I've been through to talk to young girls and let them know that our appearance is not what defines us," she says.

The video appears on, which features videos of people who have struggled to overcome adversity with the help of religion. Notable participants in the film series are Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Former NFL Head Coach Tony Dungy and surfer Bethany Hamilton.

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