From real housewife to working mother and entrepreneur on her show, Bethenny Ever After, Bethenny Frankel, 40, understands the virtues of kicking back and taking it easy. Frankel had big news on the Season Two finale of the show, which aired Monday night on Bravo.

The finale, called "Skinny on the Skinny," brought the emotional season to an end by revealing Frankel's decision to sell her cocktail company, Skinny Girl. Season 2 showed how the company, which features a 100-calorie margarita, come up from the ground, managed by Frankel's husband Jason Hoppy. The buyer was Fortune Brands Beam Local, the fourth largest spirits distributor in the world and home to Jim Beam bourbon and Sauza tequila.

On the show, Frankel has displayed mixed emotions about the company all season, vacillating between beaming pride and abject terror. Now she's looking forward to getting it off her hands and being able to enjoy the finer things, like raising her baby daughter, Bryn. And it probably doesn't hurt that, in Hoppy's words, she is "going to be a very rich woman" after the sale of the company. "You did it all on your own," he added, to the expected response of sniffles and the reassuring, "We did it." —KIMBERLY STEELE

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