After last night's performance, Audrina Partridge won't have to flee to The Hills! The reality star topped the competition for the first time, scoring a 26 for her romantic waltz.

Jennifer Grey, Rick Fox and Brandy all tied for the second place spot with 24 each. All three samba'ed their way to high scores, although footage of Brandy's partner smacking her on the butt during training earned him a chastisement from the board. Margaret Cho and Bristol Palin shared the bottom of the rankings, with a 18 and a 19 respectively. Cho, who appeared in a rainbow colored dress, said her dance was inspired by the recent tragic spate of suicides by gay teenagers, which came to media attention after the death of Tyler Clementi in September.

Palin performed another striptease, with partner Mark Ballas beginning the dance as a hobo before ripping off his rags and Palin ripping off her trench coat so the two could fox-trot across the stage. Florence Henderson, Kurt Warner, Kyle Massey and the Situation made up the middle of the pack. –AMY LEE

Watch a video of Bristol Palin fox-trotting below:

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