Ashley Hebert, 26, is not letting her fizzled romance with Brad Womack on last season's The Bachelor spoil her outlook on love. She knows there are other fish in the sea, and on Season 11 of The Bachelorette, which premiered Monday night on ABC, she came face-to-face with 25 of them.

"I'm going to do it right … no regrets," she said of taking the plunge into reality television dating for the second time before meeting her potential suitors, who ranged from ivy-league educated financiers to chefs and liquor distributors. One by one, they emerged from their limos and greeted Hebert with uncomfortable gimmicks. One potential suitor, Mickey, tried to go in for a kiss after saying hello — a gesture that caused her to physically back up.

While a couple of guys lifted the bachelorette up off the ground upon meeting her in a literal effort to "sweep her off her feet," one gentleman called his mother so she could "meet" the woman he'd be wooing. Mom had some valuable advice for her potential daughter-in-law: use protection.

Another suitor brought Hebert, who attends dental school in Philadelphia, a bracelet made out dental floss. But perhaps the most outlandish gimmick goes to Jeff, who wore a phantom-of-the-opera-esque mask the entire evening in an effort "to take [his] face out of the game" and let his inner qualities stand out. Perhaps they already have.

Believe it or not, however, Jeff was outperformed by Tim, who had apparently calmed his nerves a bit in the limo and was too tipsy to carry on a conversation with Hebert when he finally met her. After slurring his way through a few pleasantries and shooting a wise crack in masked Jeff's direction, he eventually passed out on the couch.

After minimal contemplation, Hebert decided to send him home — not just to sleep it off, but for good — and asked a few of her more gallant suitors to escort him to the door. "I think his behavior is not acceptable and I think I have no other choice but to let him go home," she said.

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