Arrested Development fans were heartbroken when the show was cancelled in 2006 after just three seasons. For years, there have been rumors about the show heading to the big screen. Now, there’s a movie trailer to prove it.

Well, sort of.

An AD trailer starring Buster Bluth has taken YouTube by storm. However, the trailer does not feature the quirky and dysfunctional family we loved on the show. Instead, it shows an intense war between a torn family. But don’t expect this to be hitting the theaters anytime soon, it has been reported that a film student made the trailer in an editing class.

Let’s hope they received a good grade! –ALEXA GREENBERG

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  • emmalsearle
    emmalsearle on

    This is the only website I've come across that thinks this might be a real trailer. It's not a hoax, nor is it a legitimate trailer – it's just a humorous tribute.

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