The Amazing Spider-Man and Social Network sensation Andrew Garfield, 29, who is dating Spider-Man costar Emma Stone, 24, showed off his formidable physical talents on today's Ellen when he got up and busted a move for charity, doing ten dances, including Gangnam Style, to raise $1000 per dance for his chosen charity, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, and though Garfield seemed skeptical about his skills before he started, he nailed every dance.

"We want to help you raise money, so we have a stack of cards right here, and there are different dances on them, host Ellen DeGeneres told Garfield about his opportunity to raise some dough for his charity. "Because you are an excellent dancer, from what I've researched," she said, as Garfield offered her a confused, pained expression.

"So you want me to humiliate myself for these kids? Ok, fine," Garfield clarified, before standing to dance.

"I want you to teach children to be free," Degeneres corrected, before revealing that there would be no music for Garfiled.

Garfield kicked off — literally — with a graceful rendition of the Irish Jig, before going into the Robot, the Vogue, the Shopping Cart, the Can Can, Belly Dancing, Ballet and, of course, Gangnam Style. Even though he went over his time, he finished all ten dances and was awarded $10K for his charity.

Watch the full video from Ellen here:

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