Alec Baldwin, 53, who has recently been hinting about his increasing interest in politics, stopped by the Occupy Wall Street movement in Zuccatti Park in Manhattan late Tuesday night to show support, where he ended up answering a few questions, and even taking some heat for his affiliations.

Baldwin, who has been regularly proving his comedic chops the past five years on the hit NBC show, 30 Rock, also recently signed with Capital One Bank as their celebrity spokesperson. The actor / comedian chatted with protesters for the better part of two hours and even answered questions from a passionate Ron Paul supporter who, after a lengthy chat, demanded that the actor "endorse" the ending of the Federal Reserve and Republican Presidential hopeful Paul. Baldwin, after gently trying to extricate himself from the situation, finally put his foot down. "I am not a supporter of Ron Paul. No. I mean, I've got nothing against him, but I'm not a supporter."

"He has a right to wander around the park just like anybody else," one bystander said, trying to rescue the actor from an uncomfortable situation, to which Baldwin smiled and quipped, "This is like a Woody Allen movie!"

Baldwin later tweeted about his experience. "My thanks 2 Aaron from Brooklyn and Sean from Winnipeg for this evening's OWS tutorial. My first. A lot of dedicated people at #ZuccattiPark." When criticism later started to come down on Twitter about Baldwin's support of the banking system and his representation of Capital One bank, he tweeted "I donated all of my fee from Capital One 2 arts charities. They have been gr8 partners in my support of the arts."


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Other celebs who have stopped by the protest to show their support and engage in the discussion are Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Michael Moore, Kanye West and Russell Simmons.

Watch a clip from Baldwin's visit here:


  • Matthew Zingg
    Matthew Zingg on

    I think Baldwin does a good job of fending off questions that are meant to pigeonhole him into one stance or another. Also, it's refreshing to see someone admit that they don't know enough about something to form an opinion of it. Too often people, celebrities included, make statements or take sides without due consideration. ABC, Alec. A-always, B-be, C-closing. Always be closing.

  • antonioberryman
    antonioberryman on

    You can't push people to support someone they don't want to support. Everyone has a right to decide how they feel on issues. Just make sure they're the right ones.

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