If you want to meet the stars, you don't have to sing, you just have to lip-sync.

Fifteen-year-old YouTube star Keenan Cahill, known for lip-syncing songs and dancing along to them appeared on Chelsea Lately after reaching some fame with his routine. His best known is his rendition of Usher's "DJ Got Us Falling In Love," where he lip-syncs and dances.

The young performer arrived on set with a spray of flowers for Handler, and when asked about his love life, gave a coy reply. "There's one girl who's funny, blond, comedic…a cougar," he said, making faces at Handler. "Here's my number."

The host began to show Cahill's new video, which began in the same manner as his others, when a few minutes in, 50 Cent enters the room. The rapper begins to jam along, even taking his cross off and putting it on Cahill. Afterwards, Handler gave the teenager a gift—a flipcam for him to record more videos. –AMY LEE

Watch the entire video below:

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