A roughly three-minute clip from Lindsay Lohan’s new and controversial movie, The Canyons, has been released online.

The clip features Lohan, 26, as Tara, looking for her phone by dialing her own number. Upon finding her phone in the bedside table cabinet of her boyfriend Christian, played by porn star James Deen, 26, he gets verbally and physically abusive with her.

The film, its director Paul Schrader, screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis, producer Braxton Pope and cast, were recently the subject of a New York Times Magazine piece capturing the melodrama on-set and off. Deen said the while the article accurately reported the events, much was made out of little. “The best way I can describe [the Times article] is actual life events reflected in a mirror and then retold for dramatic effect,” Deen told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s accurate enough that it can’t be said that it’s not; it’s not a lie. But it’s twisted enough that if you were actually there you’re like, ‘Wait. That’s not exactly what happened.’”

Sundance Film Festival snubbed the film by refusing to screen it. No firm release date has been set. Check out the three-minute clip of the film below:

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