Victoria Beckham returned as a guest judge on American Idol Tuesday night at the Denver auditions, only to be slammed by critics in her native England yet again. Last month, when Beckham made her debut on the show, critics called her appearance “gaunt” and “off-putting” – unfortunately for her, the reviews weren’t much better this time.

Beckham was again criticized for commenting more on what the contestants were wearing than their vocal skills. “While she certainly spoke up more, the value of what she had to say was as meaningless as her previous guest judging stint,” one observer told a British paper.

The former Spice Girl did manage to get her way again by succeeding in pushing Texan singer Casey James, 27, through to the next round, not for his voice, but his good looks. “He looks like a model,” Victoria enthused. “Simon, he’s got a great look.” Though Simon wasn’t impressed, Casey took his shirt off and managed to win over judges Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson. Score one for team Beckham. –MANDY COHEN in London 

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