Victoria Beckham, the Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer, recently revealed that she has had her breast implants removed.

Victoria Beckham Admits She Had Breast Implants

"I don't have them anymore," Beckham confessed in the March issue of Allure, as she took a look at an older, more voluptuous picture of herself.

"I think I may have purchased them," she quipped, adding coyly, "Or they got removed, one or the other."

When asked point blank whether or not she had breast implants, Beckham admitted, “Yeah.”

Beckham long denied ever going under the knife for a boob job before copping to undergoing the plastic surgery procedure. "I'm completely natural," she told Piers Morgan in 2003, according to the Daily Mail, "except for my fingernails and I have a bit of help with my hair and a bit of a St. Tropez (fake tan) going on."

Beckham’s largest cup size throughout her time in the public eye was apparently a DD. In 2009, the onetime pop singer reportedly had her implants reduced to Bs. In 2011, it’s rumored that Beckham decided to go implant-free and is now an A-cup.

Victoria On Husband David Beckham

By Victoria Beckham’s side throughout her up and down chest size has been her husband, international soccer icon David Beckham, whom she married in 1999.

"[He] is the most wonderful man I have ever met," she gushed about her husband to Allure. "He's a fantastic father. He's incredibly talented, a wonderful husband. I supported him for many years and he's proud of me. He supports me. We're very equal at home."

– Chelsea Regan

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