Lala Kent put her ex-fiancé, Randall Emmett, on blast online, saying the 50-year-old film producer began a relationship “with a 23 year old in March of 2021- the month I gave birth,” and adding that Emmett created a “toxic environment” for her and their daughter Ocean.

The Vanderpump Rules star and Emmett first split in October 2021 when Emmett was first photographed with two other women in Nashville, but her recent statement suggests that the infidelity stretched back further. In a Watch What Happens Live interview, Kent says the two are not on speaking terms, only communicating in texts, and “it just has to do with Ocean.”

In the comments of a post from the account “One Moms Battle” labeling Emmett as “Narcissist of the Month,” Kent’s verified account provided more details around their relationship in a huge screed against him, mentioning the alleged unfortunately timed relationship and also saying she “was alone during most of my pregnancy and for the first 7 months of [Ocean’s] life, until the mask fell and I saw who he really was.”

She also made disturbing allegations about Emmett’s behavior after he was caught cheating. She wrote, “After the pictures surfaced, I tried to leave the home to gain clarity and avoid a toxic environment for my daughter–but anytime I did he threatened to call the police if I didn’t return Ocean to the home. But if he felt we were good and he was in control again, I was able to leave the house.” Kent also suggested that Emmett’s legal challenges didn’t end there, by adding “now my daughter is in the hands of a broken court system. Narc thrive when they are under a microscope.”

This is an unfortunately cyclical ending to a relationship that started in a similar way, apparently. Kent and Emmett met while he was still married to his first wife, Amber Childers. Kent addressed this fact on Watch What Happens by saying the relationship was always “bumpy” thanks to that. “It was just something built on nothing but lies and I think knowing what I know about her, I think she was a good one and he messed up.”

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