Valerie Bertinelli caught burglars on security cameras outside of her home on Wednesday.

The actress shared the footage on Instagram, telling her 1.1 million followers, “We’ve had a string of robberies in my neighborhood, my next-door neighbor included.”

In the video she shared, a man wearing a black hat and carrying several bags walks up to the camera and looks around. He then walks back in the direction he came from.

“This is one of the men that came to scope out my house last night,” she said. “I think he stopped because he sees my camera lit up. The other one came an hour before him. F—ing scary.”

Bertinelli alleged that the two men came to her home Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning at around 1 a.m.

In the same Instagram post, the Food Network host said that the police came “pretty quickly” after the incident. She also shared her plans to protect her home from potential burglars.

“I’m installing more motion detector lights and thinking of putting barbed wire on my front fence,” Bertinelli wrote. “And of course my alarm gets set every night.”

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