Valentina Maureira, a 14-year-old in Chile suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, has implored the president of her country to grant her wish of euthanasia.

Valentina Maureira’s Plea

Maureira is suffering from a particularly aggressive form of cystic fibrosis that is expected to kill her within the next few years of her life. She has been battling the genetic disease, which causes a thick mucus to form that can block air passages or the pancreas, since she was six-years-old. Headaches, vomiting and hospitalization are commonplace for the Chilean teen.

“My name is Valentina Maureira, I suffer from cystic fibrosis. I am asking to speak urgently to the president,” Maureira said in a Facebook video message last month. “I am tired of living with this sickness and she can authorize the injection to put me to sleep forever. I already lost my oldest brother, Michael, and for the same disease.”

Chilean president Michelle Bachelet visited Maureira in the hospital after learning of her plea. While Bachelet will not be granting Maureira her wish, she has promised that the health ministry will be committed to giving her the best care possible and is in touch with her family.

“We have to be completely clear, the current norm, the current law in Chile does not allow the government to agree to a request of this nature,” a rep for Mauriera explained. “But what are we doing? The health ministry is in constant contact with Valentina’s family, and we will provide all the emotional and psychological support and medical treatment to improve her living conditions.”

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