An acrobatic group from Mumbai, India received the Golden Buzzer from recently retired NBA star, Dwayne Wade.

The group named V. Unbeatable, performed on America’s Got Talent Tuesday and made Wade feel all sorts of emotions, especially anxiety.


V. Unbeatable dedicated the performance to a member who died six years ago after a stunt gone wrong paralyzed him.

The 29-person squad did all sorts of stunts on stage, such as ending the performance with throwing a young boy into a chair.

After the performance, Wade asked his wife, judge Gabrielle Union, to feel his heart afterward. He said it was beating at a pace that he hadn’t felt before.

“I know the practice time it takes,” he said to the performers. “I know the sacrifice it takes…Today on this stage, this is your house.” Wade then pressed the Golden Buzzer to advance the group to the live shows.

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