After being deprived of ultimate satisfaction on the finale of RuPaul's Drag Race last week, the only thing fans wanted to know more than if Sharon Needles would be crowned the winner (or America's Next Drag Superstar and, yes, she was) on last night's reunion episode of the Logo reality show, was why in the world had frontrunner Willam Belli been disqualified from Drag Race in March?

Belli previously revealed only that she had been disqualified and was leaving quietly and cooperatively because she had, in fact, broken the rules. It turns out that Belli was receiving "conjugal visits" in her hotel room from her husband, who wasn't supposed to know she was there — part of the top-secret RuPaul Drag Race reality-show policy.

"When you go away to Drag Race, you can't tell anyone — it's top secret," said Belli during the reunion episode. "And I told my husband I was doing a non-union horror movie in Europe, which I've done before and they suck, so don't watch them. And he didn't believe me. He was like, 'Why you gotta take all this drag?' So I lied and he followed me to the hotel. The first night, he walked on my door, and it was a delivery!"

As for the vomiting incident that had people speculating about Belli having a substance abuse problem or an eating disorder — that was just a matter of Belli having eaten too much on the day that she already knew she would be disqualified. How did she know? According to EW, she told the RuPaul's Drag Race producers herself! Asked about her regrets, Belli said, "I could have been getting banged out and not told," in a bit that didn't make the cut on the reunion episode.

Regardless of Belli's indiscretions, RuPaul was overall supportive. "I want you to know that I really, really believe in you," RuPaul revealed. "And I thought you had a chance to go all the way." No pun intended.

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