Not a big sports fan? Does the thought of gorging yourself on pork rinds and hot wings make you want to barf? Not even sure which teams are playing, let alone who to root for? We know the feeling.

But don't count yourself out just yet. There are sill plenty of reasons to watch the big game on Sunday, even if you couldn't pick Tom Brady out of a New York Jets lineup. Super Bowl XLVI, airing on NBC on Sunday, will feature musical performances, star sightings, and some of the best (read: most expensive) comedy on television. Picture yourself Monday, cluelessly trying to keep up with the water cooler talk because you didn't watch. Now picture yourself there, well in-the-know, because you DVR'd the game and fast-forwarded to these key pop culture moments that will have everyone — Giants fans and Madonna lovers alike — trading thoughts.

1. Kelly Clarkson singing the national anthem. "The Star-Spangled Banner" has taken quite a beating in recent years. Even last year's seemingly solid gold choice, Christina Aguilera, flubbed the lyrics. Will Clarkson? Ehh… probably not. The girl's an American patriot who recently (and somewhat controversially, we guess) endorsed Ron Paul, a senator from her native state of Texas, for president. Also: she's got pipes designed to blow people away and inspire. Expect big things.

2. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert singing "America the Beautiful." Real-life husband-and-wife pair (think Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, only with a pinch more grit) are reportedly going to sing the ballad, which ought to be at least slightly better than Republican candidate Mitt Romney's version from a few days ago. OK, a lot better.

3. Clint Eastwood starring in a Chrysler commercial. Remember Detroit native Eminem in last year's Chrysler commercial? Well, this year Dirty Harry himself is reportedly going to be giving a pep talk. Get ready.

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