The University of New Hampshire’s Sigma Chi fraternity is suspended indefinitely after the body of a missing student was found on Sunday. Police have now ruled the death an accidental drowning.

Vincenzo, “Vinny,” Lirosi, 22, was found by a New England Search and Rescue K-9 team in Durham, New Hampshire.

Lirosi was drinking with friends before he went missing. He was last seen at 1:00 a.m. and was reported missing at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday.

Other students reported that Lirosi might have traveled down a wooden path that students frequently use as a shortcut to classes. Police used K-9 search and a thermal drone to look for the missing student and eventually brought in a search helicopter to search the wooded area. Lirosi’s wallet was found in a parking lot and his cellphone was found in the fraternity’s house.

The fraternity was suspended as police investigations continue.

A vigil was held for Lirosi on Monday night. Students from the University held candles and wrote notes, being sure to honor Lirosi’s life.

Dean of Students Mike Blackman said, “I would just encourage all of our community members to reach out, check-in with each other, take the time they need to take care of themselves.”

Lirosi’s brother, Gianni Lirosi, has started a fundraiser to help the family pay for funeral costs and other services. Since the page was posted on Sunday, the family has accumulated over 1700 donations, raising tens of thousands of dollars.

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