Under The Dome picked up with the residents of Chester’s Mill futilely attempting once again to break the Dome that encompasses the town. The military is packing up their stuff, abandoning the cause, while the townspeople chuck food and bottles and whatever else they can get their hands on at the shield.

Julia Shumway (Rachelle Lefevre) and Barbie (Mike Vogel), Big Jim (Dean Norris) and Sheriff Linda (Natalie Martinez) and Reverend Coggins (Ned Bellamy) congregate under the dome. Former drug addict Coggins posits that the Dome was a creation of God’s in hopes of creating a new Garden of Eden. Sherrif Linda wields a gun creating further unrest, Big Jim calms the heated crowd with a pointed speech about football, independence and blood shedding, as Linda proceeds to faint.

Julia decides to follow the map she found in Barbie’s bag to the location of the “X.” Once there, she finds her husband Peter’s (R. Keith Harris) car at Phil Bushey’s (Nicholas Strong) trailer. He claims Peter sold him the car – just before he faints much the same way as Linda. Julia presses Phil for details of the transaction, and he gives one through a hallucination, as he addresses the missing Peter, saying he can’t make it to the “cabin.” Julia works out that the cabin he’s referring to in the one where she found Barbie.

Meanwhile, Alice (Samantha Mathis) and Carolyn (Aisha Hinds) take their daughter Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) and Joe (Colin Ford), who are suffering from seizures, to the hospital. Unfortunately, they don’t get much attention from the nurse, as she has her hands full with the hospital filling up with people and nowhere near enough medics to care for them. Psychiatrist Alice, whose training apparently covered contagious diseases, determines that there’s been an outbreak of Meningitis under the dome and declares that they're in dire need of antibiotics.

Big Jim, learning of the epidemic, insists everyone currently in the hospital be quarantined and gives his son a shotgun to enforce the command while he takes Barbie with him to go find antibiotics. When they get to the local pharmacy, they find all of the antibiotics gone and soon find Coggins setting the drugs on fire. He apparently believes that the illness is an act of God that shouldn’t be stopped. Big Jim’s son Junior (Alexander Koch,) back at the hospital, manages to pacify those trying to break out of the hospital, clearly blessed with his father’s gift or oration.

When Julia gets out to the cabin, she finds a mystery piece of paper – and then faints. In her haze, she sees the ghost of her husband. Barbie, after learning from Phil that Peter had been struggling with money problems and was looking to hire a hitman, goes out to the cabin to find Julia. Julia admits Peter was broke and Barbie admits he worked as a bookie’s muscle before leaving her at her house.

Trying to work out the cause of their seizures, Joe and Norrie decide to force one upon themselves and tape it. When they play the recording back, they see Joe sitting up, and raising a finger to his lips as if to say “Shh.” Meanwhile, Norrie’s mom Alice announced that the epidemic was solved, as everyone who needed antibiotics had received them. Sherriff Linda names Junior her deputy after his efforts aiding the quarantine, while Big Jim gets condemned by Coggins. As Big Jim begins to pour himself a glass of whiskey, he hears a piercing scream from within his house. Downstairs, he finds Angie (Britt Robertson) trapped in the bunker and close to drowning in the rising water.

Under the Dome returns next Monday on CBS at 10/9c.

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