The town of Chester’s Mill came together peacefully (for once) when faced with imminent death on Under the Dome’s newest episode, ‘Blue on Blue.’

Joe (Colin Ford) and his gal-pal Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) wake up early in the morning – Joe wants to show Norrie something about the Dome. Part of it has been covered with a particular kind of butterflies that aren’t in season in Chester’s Mill. (Apparently the dome has altered magnetic fields that determine migration patterns.) Norrie is in awe, and the teens’ excitement wakes Barbie (Mike Vogel) who had been sleeping in his car parked just a few yards away. Unlike Norrie and Joe, Barbie, as always, is suspicious about the meaning of the butterfly swarm, but is distracted when non-military buses begin to pull up around town. More army guys? Nope, Barbie says, it’s civilians. Visitor’s day is officially upon us!

Across town, Joe’s sister is still chained to a bed in the Rennie bomb shelter, despite having been discovered by Big Jim (Dean Norris)! He fixed the leaky pipe, but hasn’t unchained her. He’s in denial and asks Angie (Britt Robertson) what she’s doing there. She looks at him, incredulously, before telling him that his crazy son has kept her prisoner. Instead of acting like, you know, a normal human being, Big Jim locks her in the bomb shelter and goes back to the house (to think about some things, I assume). When Junior (Alexander Koch) returns home, Big Jim is too stunned to confront him about the girl in the bomb shelter, and lets him just walk out of the house to help Sheriff Linda (Natalie Martinez) wrangle the townspeople for visitor’s day.

At visitor’s day, it’s all hands on deck, but everybody is pretty peaceful. They set up police barriers to make sure no one touches the dome – after what happened with Duke’s pacemaker explosion death, they’re not taking any chances. Of course, right after giving the order to Barbie to set up a perimeter, Linda is rushing to the dome to ‘kiss’ her firefighter fiancé. Lucky for us, Barbie didn’t have the heart to chastise her.

It appears that the excitement of visitor’s day and the government crisis the dome has caused outside of Chester’s Mill has made many loved ones come out of the woodwork. Estranged sons have returned to see their mothers, etc. Joe is excited to see his parents, but is (finally) starting to get anxious about Angie’s mysterious absence. He brings Norrie with him, even though she doesn’t have anybody that would visit her (she says). Ah, how wrong she is. No sooner have they arrived at the bridge where visitor’s day is taking place that she spots a sign with her name on it. Intrigued, she rushes to the man holding it, Joe by her side. He writes (no sound crosses the dome) that he’s her father. She doesn’t believe him – her mothers told her that her father was an anonymous sperm donor. This man, it appears, anticipated her disbelief and shows her an old baby picture he has of her and a picture of him with her mother. Uh oh.

Just as this man drops the bomb on Norrie, her moms show up. Norrie doesn’t want to hear their half-baked excuses and explanations, but her mom Alice (Samantha Mathis) yells at the man. She says he has never been a father to Norrie, and accuses him of showing up just because there are cameras from the media documenting the reunions.

Norrie’s run in with her biological father isn’t the only hard news doled out on visitor’s day. Linda gathers her courage to tell her fiancé that his brother has died and he leaves without saying goodbye, and Barbie gets interesting intel from a soldier when visitor’s day is winding down.

With sign language speaking, lip reading Dodee (Jolene Purdy) by his side, Barbie flashes some kind of army medal to get a soldier’s attention. He asks for information, but the soldier doesn’t know much. He tells Barbie that all he knows is that the troops have been ordered to evacuate after visitor’s day, and that they have evacuated everyone within a ten mile radius of Chester’s Mill. Just like that, Barbie knows: the government is planning something, and it’s not good.

With an unexpected clue from the crazy Reverend Coggins (Ned Bellamy), Barbie puts two and two together and determines that the US government is planning on dropping their most powerful, non-nuclear bomb on Chester’s Mill, hoping that it will destroy the dome. If it succeeds, it will also destroy the entirety of Chester’s Mill. According to a radio transmission intercepted by Julia (Rachelle Lefevre) earlier, the bomb is set to hit at 1:15 P.M. – only a few hours away!

Barbie, Dodee, Julia, Big Jim, and Linda think fast and decide that the best thing to do is to have all the townspeople take shelter underground in the old cement factory tunnels (you know, the ones already determined to be completely unsafe and terrifying by Junior and Julia’s little adventure). They rally the townspeople, and, in a surprisingly seamless evacuation, the town gathers underground to spend their last hours together. Well, not all the towspeople…Joe, with Norrie hot on his heels, leaves to go look for Angie, who has finally been set free by Big Jim (he says if they’re all going to die today, she might as well die a free woman).

Of course, Big Jim isn’t all that kindhearted – he forgot to tell her a nuclear bomb was coming and that her brother was, most likely, in the tunnels with the rest of the town. Angie runs home, only to find Junior waiting for her with his crazy eyes and a gun in his hand. He tells her that he knew about the bomb all along, and that’s why he locked her up in the bomb shelter (what?) and she kisses his cheek (what?) and lets him lay down with his head in her lap (what?) and strokes his hair (WHAT?).

The bomb is coming, and the townspeople are feeling truthful as the end draws near. Barbie almost comes clean to Julia abouther dead husband. Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie kiss in what they believe will be their final moments. The bomb hits the dome just as their lips touch – and explodes around the dome! Chester’s Mill is safe! In fact, the town looks infinitely better than the area surrounding it, which has all been burned to smithereens. Did Joe and Norrie kissing save them, or is the dome just that strong? Also suspect, Joe and Norrie touched without causing seizures – what could that mean?

Finally, the episode ended with Big Jim confronting the Reverend, who is threatening to expose his dirty dealings to the town. Of course, because Big Jim cannot possibly not do something evil in every episode, Big Jim ends up killing cuckoo Reverend by pushing his head (with his electric hearing aid) against the dome.

Under the Dome airs Mondays at 10 P.M. on CBS. Take a look at next week's all new episode, 'Endless Thirst.'

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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