After being convicted in New York City of stalking Uma Thurman two years ago, Jackson Jordan was arrested yesterday for allegedly trying to call her multiple times, a violation of Thurman's order of protection against him.

When they came to apprehend Jordan in a home in a Washington, D.C. suburb, police found Jordan typing Thurman's name into Google. Montgomery County police spokeswoman Lucille Baur said that Jordan was cooperative with police during the arrest, but did not cooperate when asked to waive his right to extradition to New York City, according to the Washington Post.

In 2008, Jordan was convicted of stalking and harassing the Kill Bill star from 2005 to 2007. He was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital in late 2005, after being questioned about his obsession with Thurman.

Thurman has yet to speak publicly about the arrest.–ISHITA SINGH

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