Financial adviser and alleged Ponzi schemer Kenneth Starr hadn’t seen Kill Bill or he would’ve known that you don’t mess with Uma Thurman.

Starr had taken about $1 million from the actress, which she discovered was missing in late April. Like a scene out of a Tarantino movie, Thurman stormed into his office to demand he give her her money back, according to a report in The New York Post. The next day, Starr obliged, but by alledegly using other people’s money. Hollywood quickly caught word of the confrontation and numerous clients attempted to pull their money out of Starr’s hands. Nora Ephron and Martin Scorsese were among the celebrities who pulled out in time to get their money back. Al Pacino reportedly was among others who weren’t so lucky.

Starr had had other famous clients throughout the years, including photographer Annie Leibowitz, Sylvester Stallone, and Wesley Snipes, who famously went to trial for tax evasion in 2008, though all dropped Starr due to his own suspicions. –ELENA COX

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