Former UFC fighter Phil Baroni has been arrested after he allegedly beat his girlfriend to death for sleeping with another man.

Baroni, 46, reportedly threw his girlfriend, identified as Poala, into a shower in their hotel room in Mexico, causing her to endure a fatal head injury. Police found her naked on a bed in the San Pancho hotel with a sheet covering her.


Law enforcement officials said the woman showed “multiple signs of beating,” including bruises and markings on her face and body. She showed no signs of life when she was discovered by authorities. Police also took pictures of Baroni’s hands, noting that they were red.

The retired wrestler told authorities they had gotten into an argument after she admitted to cheating on him. He apparently told the woman to bathe and upon her refusal, he grabbed her by her arms and threw her into the shower. Baroni claimed she stood up, then slipped and hit her head again. He left the room to buy beer and cigars and said she was unresponsive when he came back. 

Baroni was reportedly under the influence of marijuana and alcohol at the time of the incident. He was arrested for homicide and is currently being held in Valle de Banderas.

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