Uber first proposed their flying taxi concept – dubbed UberAIR – back in 2016, and it’s a project the company is passionate about. On Tuesday, Uber and NASA jointly announced they were teaming up to create flying cars.


The announcement of NASA’s involvement occurred at Uber’s latest Elevate summit, where Uber revealed concept images of what their flying vehicles could look like. Aesthetically, they resemble drones more than your typical car, hoisting four propellers that will allow the vehicle to take to the skies. Moreover, the one rotor on its tail will power the electricity-powered taxi forward, allowing it to take its passengers wherever they need to go. However, the final flying machines will not be an exact replica of these concept images.

Regarding its specs, the current concept design can move between 150 miles per hour and 200 miles per hour, it will fly at an elevation between 1,000 and 2,000 feet and it can travel for 60 miles until its battery demands a recharge. Humans will pilot the flying taxis in the project’s early stages, though they will eventually be automated.

Uber is aiming to begin its flight-enabled taxi service by 2023, proposing how their service will host thousands of the vessels across the rooftops. Buildings will have dedicated “skyports,” where passengers will come onboard and be let out, and these hotspots will see 200 liftoffs and landings per day.  Obviously, the infrastructure for this isn’t in place yet, but Uber remains dedicated.

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