Uber offered its customers ice cream when they used the smartphone app Friday. The company made the ice cream deliveries available in more than 250 countries they’re operating in all around the world.

Uber users just needed to tap the Ice Cream logo — in cities like New York, that was in the “Eats” section — and point on the map where the ice cream should be delivered. Prices varied by city and order size.

Many users had a hard time ordering their ice cream though, since the demand was significantly higher than the company had planned. At 4:30 p.m. EST, the #Ubericecream offer “melted away,” the company said on the app.


This is not the first time Uber has launched a special event. It delivered Christmas trees for the holidays, and for National Cat Day in last October, brought customers kittens for 15-minutes cuddle breaks. Best delivery ever, right?

Most U.S. cities got ice cream trucks today, but the event looked pretty fun in France, too. Even if Uber isn’t very popular in France, app users in cities such as Paris, Lille, Marseille, Cannes or Nantes could order ice cream packages and share them with their friends.

Instagram / sophiese9

Instagram / sophiese9

Uber joined with small ice cream producers in France, giving them old Citroën 2 CVs to drive around the cities and deliver the packages in a vintage style. In Atlanta, the company delivered the bundles in shiny old muscle cars.


Instagram / uber_atl

Watch the French video that was made for the event:

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