Jason Dalton, the Uber driver accused of killing half a dozen people in Michigan, is not suing the tech company for $10 million.

Uber Driver Lawsuit Hoax

Authorities in Michigan determined that the $10 million dollar lawsuit allegedly filed by Dalton was a hoax. The suit was handwritten and had named Dalton has the plaintiff. Though it was lodged in Michigan federal court and listed Kalamazoo Country Jail as the return address, it was postmarked in Philadelphia.

“That’s what alerted us, the Philadelphia postmark,” Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Pali Matyas told mlive.com. Dalton also confirmed that it had not been him. ”He said he didn’t send it, didn’t authorize it, doesn’t know who did.”

In the suit, it was claimed that Dalton was behind bars and had committed the alleged killing spree because of the poor working conditions as an Uber employee.

“I am currently in prison because of Uber. Uber doesn’t care about its drivers. We are peasants and pawn pieces to Uber’s bottom line. Defendants manipulate Uber drivers. My life is ruined because of Uber. My wife is divorcing me because of Uber,” the fake suit claims. “I worked years as an Uber contractor and they ripped me off, never paid me back wages or overtime. I busted my butt for them.”

Though Dalton apparently didn’t file the suit, he has blamed Uber for his alleged crimes, according to investigators. Dalton has reportedly claimed that a “devil figure” in the Uber app caused a “full body takeover” that competed him to go on the shooting spree on Feb. 20.

Dalton is accused of six counts of murder and two counts of assault with intent to commit murder. If convicted, Dalton faces life in prison.

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