While both actors have collaborated together throughout The Fast and The Furious film series, Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne Johnson are not on good terms. In October 2017, Gibson publicly blamed Johnson for delaying the ninth core installment in the action series, and their feud was rekindled on Wednesday.

Hobbs & Shaw, a Furious spin-off starring Johnson and Jason Statham, hit theaters last week. Although it managed to earn over $60.8 million domestically and nearly doubled that internationally, it’s the series’ weakest opening since The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift came in 2006. This fact did not escape Gibson’s attention; the actor vented his grievances at Johnson on a now-deleted Instagram post, where he blamed his former colleague for “breaking up the family” that’s powered the Furious films.

“I have to show my respects for one thing … He tried,” Gibson wrote. Continuing, he described the box office numbers as “NOT a win.” Gibson later made it clear he does not sympathize with Johnson, who’s “one of the biggest movie stars in the world” with “at least 15” ongoing film franchises under his belt. In contrast, Gibson notes he only has two to his credit.

However, Gibson does hope all parties can reconcile for the series’ next film. “Folks called me a hater … And attacked me for speaking out … Breaking up the family clearly doesn’t have the value that one would assume it does … You know what maybe just maybe … The Rock and the crew will come dance with us again for #Fast10. We can all hug it out and get back to giving the true fans who have supported this franchise for 20 years WHAT they want … No hating I’m just pointing out the facts.”

The Shade Room managed to preserve Gibson’s post before he deleted it, posting two screenshots of it on their account:

Gibson has portrayed the comic relief character Roman Pearce since 2003’s 2 Fast 2 Furious, the series’ second installment. Johnson, meanwhile, plays Luke Hobbs, whose first appearance was 2011’s Fast Five.

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