Tyrese Gibson is campaigning to become the next Green Lantern in DC’s planned feature film reboot set for a 2020 release.

Gibson, who currently stars in the Fast & Furious franchise, began expressing his desire to be the next Green Lantern on Instagram with a post of his face photoshopped into Green Lantern paired with the caption “Rumor has it that.” Gibson, who credits artist Boss Logic (@bosslogix on Instagram) with the renderings, continued to flood Instagram and Twitter with images of himself as the Green Lantern, campaigning hard for the role and for the vision of finally having a black superhero on the big screen.

Dope! @bosslogix strikes again…… Design something dope….. And I will repost… #Tag you in it…..

Una foto publicada por TYRESE (@tyrese) el

“I am fully committed to suiting up for this adventure,” Gibson wrote on Twitter and Instagram.

Gibson’s campaign gained so much support that he invited fans to submit their own fanart of him as the Green Lantern, and has been re-tweeting his favorites. But, Boss Logic has been his most prolific supporter, posting about the campaign on his various social media accounts and wishing the actor luck. “I really do hope he gets the part, I have never seen somebody have so much drive to get it,” Boss Logic wrote on their official Tumblr.

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