Tyrese Gibson, the The Fast & The Furious star, was hospitalized after attending a court hearing with his ex-wife, Norma Gibson.

Tyrese and Norma are going through an intense custody battle over their 10-year-old daughter, Shayla. Tyrese is facing allegations of child abuse. The L.A. County of Department of Children and Family Services is investigating Tyrese over claims that he hit Shayla to the point where she could not sit down. Norma claims that he “beat” Shayla between 12 and 16 times. Tyrese says that these allegations are rooted in her spitefulness over his re-marrying.

Shayla is hoping to get full physical and legal custody of her daughter and a permanent restraining order against her ex-husband. She says in court documents that she fears that if she loses in the custody battle, Tyrese will take Shayla overseas to Dubai, where he has professional ties.

On Thursday, Tyrese checked himself into Cedar-Sinai, a Los Angeles Hospital complaining of chest pains and feeling dehydrated. He was photographed leaving the hospital later that night.

A source close to Norma told Page Six that, “She hopes he is OK and seeks the proper treatment. His daughter deserves to have a stable father and relationship with her dad.”

A different source, also close to the situation told Page Six on Friday that Tyrese’s hospitalization was no more than a stunt, “more antics” and “more manipulating” in his ongoing fight with Norma.

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