Tyra Banks has created a fashion and beauty theme park dedicated women of “all shapes AND all sizes AND all ages AND all shades.” 

The 46-year-old supermodel and television personality is launching a 21,000-square-foot, multi-level, story-driven attraction titled ‘ModelLand’ in Santa Monica, California. The theme park features story-driven photoshoots, runways, shopping and theater performances. Visitors can expect to live the “ultimate modeling fantasy.” 


“When you step into ModelLand, you enter a fantastical world where we celebrate YOUR uniqueness while we help you master your angles and up your photo game. YOU are ModelLand’s star. Our cameras are waiting for you,” Tyra states on ModelLand’s website. 

Although ModelLand might be for women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and shades — it might not be for women with low incomes. While a general admissions ticket costs $59, a ‘Fantascene Photoshoot’ costs $549 and if you want the full experience, a ‘Fantascene Dream’ ticket costs $1,495. At ModelLand, beauty doesn’t come cheap and if you want the full experience then it’ll cost you. 

According to the website, a general admissions ticket includes a digital lookbook, an immersive theater performance, access to shop, professional photography moments and modeling tips. A “Fantascene Photoshoot” ticket will in addition consist of a professional makeover, a wardrobe styling and a photoshoot. The “Fantascene Dream” ticket will add in concierge service, prior personal consultation, VIP seating, additional photos and wardrobe changes, a curated row for Instagram and a luxury robe. 

The “Fantascene Photoshoot” and the “Fantascene Dream” tickets both include access to all General Admission attractions. 

“My mission is to bring modeling to the masses in ways beyond what I did with America’s Next Top Model. I want to redefine what a model and modeling means. It ain’t just about having a contract with a top modeling agency. And it’s not just being an Instamodel with tons of followers. I want to make people everywhere feel more beautiful and powerful than they ever believed possible.” 

The open-air park will open May 1, 2020.