While Tyler Perry‘s iconic Madea character made him wealthy, it appears he wants to retire her.

During an appearance on Bevy Smith‘s SiriusXM show, Perry talked about planning a farewell stage tour and also the film Tyler Perry’s a Madea Family Funeral next year as a character send off.

The multifaceted entertainer said, “It’s time for me to kill that old bitch, I’m tired, man,” he said. “I just don’t want to be her age, playing her.”

Perry has donned a wig, makeup, glasses and a dress for almost 20 years as Mabel Earlene “Madea” Simmons. He’s stared in 12 movies, eight stage productions and two television series as the character.


At one point, his work, which isn’t just limited to the Madea franchise, made him the highest-paid man in entertainment, earning $130 million in a 12 month period. But his work also hasn’t gone uncriticized for perpetuating stereotypes that Spike Lee and Jamilah Lemieux have panned.

Perry said he actually shot Family Funeral two years ago but has staggered its release, along with other films, including two Madea Halloween movies and the drama Acrimony.