Two Orange County, Florida deputies have been reprimanded after sharing news of Bob Saget’s death before his family members were notified.

Both deputies confirmed that they preemptively shared information regarding Saget’s death with members of the public during a testimony.

According to an Orange County Sheriff’s Department report, the investigation’s results were used to discipline the two officers.

The department did not publicly specify what the punishments were for the two officers.

Saget was on tour when he died in an Orlando, Florida, hotel on January 9.

Saget was 65 when he died.

The medical coroner’s office concluded that Saget died of “blunt head trauma,” and no drugs or alcohol were found in his body.

Deputy Emiliano Silva texted his brother after he arrived at the crime scene. A few moments after his initial text, Silva’s brother tweeted, “RIP Bob Saget.”

The initial tweet received many replies but was promptly taken down after Silva texted his brother to delete the tweet.

According to the investigation reports, Silva “really wasn’t thinking” when he released the information but that he “had no ill intent.”

Deputy Steven Reed also received the information from a friend regarding Saget’s death and he passed on the news to two of his neighbors.

During an interview with internal investigators, Reed said, “Hindsight, probably shouldn’t have shared it in the way and the manner that I did.”

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