Twin Peaks: The Return made its way back to the airwaves on Sunday night after taking last week off for the July Fourth holiday. Half-way through the limited series, episode nine began to answer some questions and move the plot forward, but only as much as can be expected from any one episode of Twin Peaks.

The ninth episode began with Cooper’s doppelgänger (Kyle MacLachlan) mysteriously recovering from a gunshot wound. In the series’ eight episode, the gunshot wound revealed the face of BOB glaring out from a sac within the evil twin. Now recovered, Cooper’s doppelgänger gets back to killing and orders the death of the warden (James Morrison).

Meanwhile back in Twin Peaks, Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook), who is now a trusted deputy despite being a teenage trouble maker, continues his mission to find out what happened to Agent Cooper (MacLachlan) alongside Hawk (Michael Horse), and Sheriff Truman (Robert Forster). Inevitably, this leads Briggs to find out what happened to his father, Major Garland Briggs (Don Davis).

When their search for Cooper leads them to Briggs’ mothers house, the trio learns that Garland had predicted that this day would come. She reaches into a secret compartment hiding behind what was Garland’s favorite chair and pulls out a small metal container. Briggs smashes the container against concrete several times to find that it is filled with small handwritten notes. On the notes, the police are instructed to be at several locations over the next couple of days. Another note says “Cooper Cooper.”

The FBI, investigating Major Briggs’ death, come across Hastings (Matthew Lillard) who tells them that he heard from Ruth that Garland has been in another dimension for the past two decades. Unfortunately, Ruth recently saw him get decapitated, right before she was killed herself. Before being decapitated though, someone said “Cooper.”

While Twin Peaks finally revealed what happened to the Major, just as quickly, new questions arise.

In Twin Peaks, Jerry Horne (David Patrick Kelly) runs through the woods hallucinating for some unknown reason. And finally, a new mystery begins when the episode ends with a girl in a bar who has just recently been fired from her job for showing up to work high on drugs. Now, listening to music in the bar a rash is very quickly engulfing her arm.

Twin Peaks: The Return continues on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on Showtime.

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