Dancers from Tutu performed at the St. Margaret’s Loch in spoof Swan Lake costumes on Aug. 10 as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


The major art festival in Edinburgh is celebrating its 70th year, and the acts are better than ever. The dancers were promoting their show Tutu with a funny homage to Swan Lake. They looked slightly ridiculous in their large white bird costumes, but the display was full of fun. Some real swans even got involved.

As described on the Fringe website, Tutu involves six dancers – “The TUTU men, polymorphous artists who struggle with many different interpretations, faces and styles. They want to entirely feel the freedom and universality of dance. With them, laughter becomes poetic, theatre emerges on stage and things come to life. Successively classical, contemporary, ballroom, sport, academic or acrobatic, the dance of the TUTU men is versatile, atypical, irreverent, gentle, fun and always artistic. TUTU shows dance in all its glory.”

This year, the festival will span from Aug. 4 to Aug. 28, with the tagline, “70 years of defying the norm.” In 2016, there were 50,266 performances in 294 venues, and the numbers keep growing. See the entire list of performances here.

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